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Magpie Concept Planted 100 Trees, Reducing Carbon Footprint

Magpie Concept Planted 100 Trees, Reducing Carbon Footprint

In a powerful demonstration of our commitment to environmental sustainability, Magpie Concept, in collaboration with Ecologi, proudly announces the successful planting of 100 trees. This achievement marks a significant step towards reducing carbon footprint and fostering a greener future. Inspired by the resourcefulness of magpies, Magpie Concept recognizes the importance of collaboration between humans and nature. This initiative aims to support the environment and is a commitment from our team to our nature towards every delivered scientific and educational event. Planting tree is just the start; our collaboration with Ecologi aims to support other environmental initiatives like carbon avoidance, renewable energy, and community-based projects in the future.

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Medical communication services in magpie Concept

Unlocking Effective Communication in Healthcare

Effective communication is crucial in the fast-paced healthcare industry, and medical communication services play a vital role in facilitating communication among different stakeholders. These services encompass a wide range of specialized functions that involve creating, disseminating, and managing various types of medical information. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of medical communication services commonly used in healthcare. In summary, medical communication services encompass a diverse range of specialized functions that support effective communication among stakeholders in the healthcare industry. These services play a critical role in disseminating accurate information, supporting medical education, ensuring regulatory compliance, and promoting safe and effective use of medical products. Medical communication professionals with expertise in medical writing, medical education, MSL support, medical information, regulatory communications, medical meetings, and marketing materials contribute to the success of healthcare organizations by enabling effective communication and collaboration in the dynamic healthcare landscape. ADVISORY BOARD REPORT SERVICE – QUOTATION REQUEST Your email UAEKSAKuwaitUnited Kingdom In-personVirtual 2 hours3 Hours4 Hours5 Hours Therapeutic Area Other details (optional) Δ

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Medication pack with a QR code, which is an important solution for pharma companies by Gwelo

The Role of QR codes in Pharma Industry – GWELO can Help!

QR codes have gained a lot of popularity in recent years in different industries. One of the fields where these codes have proved to be very useful is the pharmaceutical industry. QR codes have revolutionized the pharma field by providing a fast and convenient way to access information about drugs, their usage, and other essential details. QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can store a large amount of information in a small space. The codes can be scanned using smartphones or other devices equipped with a camera, and the information is quickly retrieved. In the pharmaceutical industry, QR codes are typically printed on drug packages, labels, or promotional materials. One of the primary uses of QR codes in the pharma industry is to provide easy access to information about drugs. Patients and healthcare professionals can scan the codes to access information about the medication, its uses, dosage, side effects, and other essential details. This information can help patients make informed decisions about their health and help healthcare professionals prescribe drugs more effectively. Additionally, it can also be used in marketing and promotional materials. For example, pharmaceutical companies can print QR codes on promotional materials such as brochures, flyers, and posters, allowing customers to quickly access information about the company’s products. This can help to increase brand awareness and sales. Moreover, it can be used to provide support and education for patients. For example, these codes can be used to link to videos or other resources that provide patients with information about how to take their medication properly, how to manage side effects, and how to prevent drug interactions. Finally, it is used to track and authenticate drugs. Counterfeit drugs are a major problem in the pharmaceutical industry, and they can pose serious health risks to patients. QR codes can be used to track the movement of drugs from the manufacturer to the consumer, helping to prevent counterfeiting and ensuring that patients receive genuine drugs. GWELO is an online platform that allows pharmaceutical companies to create, update and manage product SmPC and generate unique QR codes for printed and digital assets. The user-friendly platform and admin area enable insight generation and tracking of scanned codes which can be crucial for some projects. In conclusion, QR codes have played a significant role in the pharmaceutical industry by providing an easy and convenient way to access information about drugs, tracking and authenticating drugs, providing patient support and education, and promoting pharmaceutical products. As technology continues to evolve, it is likely that it will continue to play an important role in the pharma field, helping to improve patient outcomes and prevent counterfeit drugs. Read more about about the same topic.

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Overcoming Obstacles: Access to Medication for Rare Disease Patients in the Middle East

Access to medication for rare disease patients in the Middle East is a complex issue that requires attention from various stakeholders, including healthcare providers, policymakers, and pharmaceutical companies. Rare diseases affect a small percentage of the population, and the lack of awareness and information about these diseases in the region can lead to significant challenges for patients seeking treatment. One of the main obstacles to access to medication for rare disease patients in the Middle East is the high cost of these medications. Pharmaceutical companies invest a considerable amount of money in researching and developing treatments for rare diseases, and these costs are reflected in the price of the medication. Additionally, many of these medications are not covered by insurance or government healthcare programs, leaving patients to bear the full cost themselves. Another challenge is the availability of medication. Some medications may not be approved for use in the Middle East, or there may be delays in getting them approved. This can be a significant barrier for patients who require the medication urgently. Moreover, the lack of infrastructure and resources in some countries can make it challenging to distribute and store medications properly. To address these issues, there is a need for increased collaboration and cooperation between various stakeholders. Pharmaceutical companies can work with governments to negotiate lower prices or provide subsidies for medications. Additionally, policymakers can work to improve the availability of medications by expediting the approval process and developing policies that support the distribution of these medications. Another essential aspect is increasing awareness and education about rare diseases in the Middle East. There is a need for healthcare providers, policymakers, and the public to be better informed about rare diseases and their impact on patients and families. This can be achieved through public health campaigns and initiatives that promote education and research. Moreover, the establishment of patient advocacy groups can play a crucial role in raising awareness and advocating for the needs of rare disease patients. These groups can work to provide support and resources for patients and their families, as well as to raise awareness about rare diseases in the region. In conclusion, access to medication for rare disease patients in the Middle East remains a significant challenge. However, through increased collaboration and cooperation between various stakeholders, improved policies and regulations, and increased awareness and education, we can make progress towards ensuring that patients with rare diseases have access to the care they need.

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Magpie Concept StartUp Awards Wales

Magpie Concept shortlisted for Wales StartUp Award

Cardiff based startup Magpie Concept has been named a finalist ahead of the Wales Final of the StartUp Awards. The StartUp Awards has been launched to recognise the booming startup scene across the UK which has accelerated since the 2019 pandemic. Over 800,000 new businesses were founded in the UK since 2021, a 4.3% increase from the year before. A record number of businesses applied to this year’s StartUp Awards, with 1,100 firms shortlisted across ten UK nations and regions. The contribution of these firms – all of which were started in the last three years – is significant, having created over 5,000 new jobs since they were established and generating annual sales of £584 million. Magpie Concept is a revolutionary medical communication establishment that aims to redefine offered solutions to biotech and pharmaceuticals. The business has been nominated for the Professional Service StartUp of the Year. Supported nationally by Starling Bank, British Business Bank, BT, Creative Ideaz, GS1 UK, Jeeves, Join Talent, ScoreApp and The Purposeful Project, the programme will celebrate the achievements of the amazing individuals who have turned an idea into an opportunity and taken the risk to launch a new product or service. The cohort of finalists will be considered for the regional prizes by a panel of seasoned judges with experience founding or supporting entrepreneurial ventures. Professor Dylan Jones-Evans OBE, the creator of the StartUp Awards, said:  “​​Start-up businesses are the lifeblood of any economy, being responsible for new jobs, innovation and in supporting communities in every nation and region across the UK. All of the finalists this year represent the best of those entrepreneurs who have spotted an opportunity and through their sheer hard work, talent and perseverance, have created an amazing new business that is creating real impact in its sector.” The StartUp Awards was created in collaboration with the team behind the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, one of the most successful awards programmes in the UK. The StartUp Awards are running for the second year after launching in 2022.  This year’s StartUp Awards finalists can be found online at  ENDS For more information or to request an interview, please contact Sam at or 07429 487 554 or Simon at or 07894 151 206. EDITOR NOTES New company data compiled from –  StartUp Awards The StartUp Awards is a collaboration between the founders of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards – an established programme nationally receiving thousands applications annually – and the Wales Start-Up Awards, the only regional awards currently celebrating new businesses in the UK. The StartUp Awards will recognise the achievements of those amazing individuals who have had a great idea, spotted the opportunity and taken the risks to launch a new product or service. Already established and thriving in Wales, the StartUp Awards is now taking the passion and drive to celebrate new business and extending across the whole of the United Kingdom.

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Rare disease & the dilemma of access in MENA

Rare diseases are a broad group of conditions that affect a small number of people. Most patients have no treatment or management options available for their condition. As awareness and understanding of rare diseases are often low, many patients struggle to find adequate information about their condition. They may feel isolated, overwhelmed, and unsupported. This limitation of treatment and support has a significant emotional, psychological and financial impact on patients. In the last two decades, concerted public policy efforts have led to a marked improvement in the understanding of many rare diseases and the availability of effective treatment options. However, rare diseases pose particular challenges for research and clinical development. Even if treatments exist, patients may wait several years for a correct diagnosis. Many patients are unable to receive them as often they are not reimbursed by their national health care system or are simply unavailable in their country.  According to a survey conducted by the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD), 61% of patients had been denied or faced delays accessing treatments that required pre-approval from an insurance company, and 18% had been denied referral to a specialist.Patients with rare diseases should have the same right to treatment and care as patients with other common diseases. Therefore, national governments and healthcare systems across the globe should prioritize improving care for rare disease patients and optimize access to treatment and follow-up tests.

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Should I attach the SmPC to the marketing Email!

It was not an easy time with the pandemic. Pharmaceutical brand managers were under huge pressure to find alternative solutions. Moving from face-to-face to virtual calls, printed materials to a marketing email, and so on was so hard and demanding. With all this stress we should not be surprised that some may forget to perform some simple actions but a mandatory one, like attaching the SmPC to any digital materials that are shared with Healthcare professionals. According to FDA (US), ABPI (UK) and Middle pharma promotional code, any promotional materials shared with healthcare professionals should be sent with the latest approved SmPC in each country. Failing to do that would be considered as a non-compliant practice and non-complaint companies would be fined for that. Magpie Concept launched recently Gwelo, which is a new service that enables each firm to have an updated landing page with a unique link and QR code for each product’s SmPC. This solution won’t only ensure a good and compliance practice, but also, it will allow brand managers to track both click-through rate and scan rate. Moreover, it will enable the continuous and easy process of SmPC updating.  Gwelo is available on different packages depending on several factors including a number of products, countries, and variations. For more information, you can check the following link or contact

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‘My Name is’ a new campaign to raise awareness of rare diseases by Magpie Concept

Every year we celebrate the ‘Rare Disease International Day’ on the last day of February. More than 300 million people are suffering from different types of rare diseases. There are between 5000 and 8000 rare diseases, most of them with a genetic basis. Despite the huge efforts that are done every year to this day, we believe at Magpie Concept that it is not enough. Having said we are happy to launch our social Media Campaign “My Name is ….” to raise awareness of the different types of rare diseases. “My Name is” is a campaign that aims to visualize how the patient feels and suffers while talking about his/her disease. At the same time, it tries to personalize the disease itself. All this is happening in less than 90 seconds. The content will be available two times every month (the 14th and 28th of each month). Magpie Concept is planning to cover different rare diseases like Duane syndrome, acromegaly, sickle cell anemia, Sotos syndrome, and others. We believe that this campaign is only that start and the first brick on raising awareness on rare diseases. Finally, we are always happy and open to future ideas and collaborations that would make this idea glow and grow. Having said so, we decided to allocate a dedicated email for rare disease initiatives and quires. We welcome ideas and partnerships that would improve and raise the awareness level on rare  

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