Should I attach the SmPC to the marketing Email!

It was not an easy time with the pandemic. Pharmaceutical brand managers were under huge pressure to find alternative solutions. Moving from face-to-face to virtual calls, printed materials to a marketing email, and so on was so hard and demanding. With all this stress we should not be surprised that some may forget to perform some simple actions but a mandatory one, like attaching the SmPC to any digital materials that are shared with Healthcare professionals. According to FDA (US), ABPI (UK) and Middle pharma promotional code, any promotional materials shared with healthcare professionals should be sent with the latest approved SmPC in each country. Failing to do that would be considered as a non-compliant practice and non-complaint companies would be fined for that.

Magpie Concept launched recently Gwelo, which is a new service that enables each firm to have an updated landing page with a unique link and QR code for each product’s SmPC. This solution won’t only ensure a good and compliance practice, but also, it will allow brand managers to track both click-through rate and scan rate. Moreover, it will enable the continuous and easy process of SmPC updating. 

Gwelo is available on different packages depending on several factors including a number of products, countries, and variations.

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