Conference Services for HCPs

Through our conference services for HCPs, Magpie Event team managed to help a lot of HCPs to attend international and regional congresses in North America, Europe, and the Middle east.

Different Multinational Pharmaceutical companies have chosen magpie Events to support the booking and logistics process before, during, and after conferences.

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Events Management

Aside from our medical team, which can develop comprehensive scientific programs, our creative team can create unique and outstanding concepts for your events. Our developed ideas result from close cross-functional and in-depth research across our medical, marketing, and creative team.
We offer unlimited support from designs to production.

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Magpie Concept Events

Booth Area

Catching attention during conferences in the booth area is not easy. You have less than 20 seconds to attract healthcare professionals to your booth area to present key messages. Our 3D designers will develop a bespoke concept to catch the attention and interact with your team and booth.

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