‘My Name is’ a new campaign to raise awareness of rare diseases by Magpie Concept

Every year we celebrate the ‘Rare Disease International Day’ on the last day of February. More than 300 million people are suffering from different types of rare diseases. There are between 5000 and 8000 rare diseases, most of them with a genetic basis. Despite the huge efforts that are done every year to this day, we believe at Magpie Concept that it is not enough. Having said we are happy to launch our social Media Campaign “My Name is ….” to raise awareness of the different types of rare diseases.

“My Name is” is a campaign that aims to visualize how the patient feels and suffers while talking about his/her disease. At the same time, it tries to personalize the disease itself. All this is happening in less than 90 seconds. The content will be available two times every month (the 14th and 28th of each month).

Magpie Concept is planning to cover different rare diseases like Duane syndrome, acromegaly, sickle cell anemia, Sotos syndrome, and others. We believe that this campaign is only that start and the first brick on raising awareness on rare diseases. Finally, we are always happy and open to future ideas and collaborations that would make this idea glow and grow. Having said so, we decided to allocate a dedicated email for rare disease initiatives and quires. We welcome ideas and partnerships that would improve and raise the awareness level on rare diseases.
email: rare.is.many@magpie-concept.com