Medical websites

Medical Websites

Your customers have an 8 seconds memory span, which is shorter than that of a goldfish. It is, therefore, crucial to gain their attention and impress them ASAP. On the other hand, even a couple of seconds delay in page loading may cost your business to lose potential customers. At Magpie Concept, we are experienced in overcoming these problems with several proven techniques supported by a highly equipped IT team. We also provide a wide range of website options that exactly fit your objectives. After all, why would you complicate your choice with a 20-page long website if all you need is one practical, user-friendly page on a professional-looking website?

Whether you are a healthcare professional, pharmaceutical company, or medical society, don’t rush to create a website before fully understanding your audience, strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, skillset, business, and most importantly, your ultimate vision, mission, and objective. Unfortunately, several companies fall into the trap of developing their website too soon. They would be aiming to improve their business. However, they fail to achieve that due to a significant lack of understanding of their business vis-a-vis a macro picture of the industry they’re in. Where does your business stand in the current market? What about its survivability prospect for the near and far future? What solution does it offer, and what technology can disrupt it? Let us guide you through it and make sure whether you’ll need a website or not


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Established in 2008, was one of the first pharma websites launched in the Middle East region. At its beginnings, focused on sharing recent updates of the pharmaceutical sector including, FDA approvals, medications warnings, exam tips, and market jobs. One year after launching reached an outstanding ranking globally on Alexa. However, following the Facebook era, most website followers started to rely on newly created pages on social media. This fact and other factors impacted the service delivered by PharmAnt and led to a considerable decline in daily visitors. Despite that, PharmAnt never stopped sharing updates with its loyal followers and visitors.

This year Magpie Concept Ltd, a UK-based MedComms establishment, decided to relaunch with a new spirit, theme and, focus. As a result, several categories were added like; rare disease and Health-Tech and, more to come in the future.