Disease awareness or condition-oriented campaigns can be effective tools in familiarizing consumers with a disease and a specific pharmaceutical intervention and raising ethical and public health questions similar to those of direct-to-consumer drug promotion.

Objectives of campaigns vary depending on the disease situation, medication type, and geography of the targeted audience. Rare diseases are among the main conditions that are in lack awareness. On the other hand, early detection for diseases, including cancer, is still in high need despite several campaigns launched every year by Pharmaceutical companies.

At Magpie Concept, we believe that repetition of the same ideas every year is the main reason for the low impact of awareness campaigns. That’s why our medical, marketing, and creative team are always ready to challenge current campaigns to optimize and come with new concepts.

When it comes to disease awareness, our deliverables are broad and include:

Disease awareness products by magpie Concept
Gwelo is a disease awareness app by magpie concept


Gwelo+ is a disease and products awareness mobile application that uses “Near Miss Theory” to increase interaction with distributed materials and messages.